The construction of a gazebo

Building a log cabin

Building a wooden Garden House

The construction of the Garden House

The construction of terraces

Cabins: on the construction of entire tree trunks are used. Rustic design consists of beams, log walls, pillars and bushes. The truss and roof, as well as in brick buildings.

Timber construction: or log cabins are built from the timbers, which are horizontally placed and in the corners are associated with different links. In the joints between the beams is used by clay erasure, which is equipped with a vápenným coating. The most commonly used for the construction of manors spruce wood.

The sandwich construction: these buildings constitute the supporting wall construction of the massive wooden prisms. The wall is covered with OSB Board, which has the function of vapor barrier. To fill the walls with the most commonly used mineral cotton wool or blown cellulose. These materials are then used as thermal insulation. On the façade insulation system is used with plaster or various lining material, which must be the ventilation spaces.

As for wooden, building pergolas, building log cabins, summerhouses or construction the construction of the wooden terraces.


We will build you a House, cottage, Garden, gazebo or shelter for garage parking. Wooden houses are energy-saving, environmentally friendly and their construction is much fast. Take advantage of the services of our specialists on timber frame.

Wooden houses are being built almost exclusively from conifers, because of the high strength and flexibility of wood of coniferous trees. Most wooden structures built of spruce and fir wood, but also extended Oh wood from larch and pine trees.

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Construction of pergolas

Let us build a Garden pergola and get cozy space to your garden, which will, in the event that you decide to use a covered Pergola, protect not only against sunlight, but also from the rain and most of the year will give you a pleasant stay. Roof Pergola you the option of sitting a little longer. Pergola you can have being dotted with Bougainvilleas, and so will provide not only a shadow, but esthetically blends with a garden. and direct rain. The Sun we can easily defend reed mats on the laying of the roof pergolas.

Building a log cabin

The log cabin is a structure in its entirety, and only minimally burdens the environment even during the construction. Building a log cabin stay spared even wrong, occurs when normal structures of the materials. Construction of the building will be made as a rule, outside the construction site, and with the Assembly to the motherboard starts up after the transfer to the specified location. When building a log cabin is not used, no nail, the logs fit together the so-called. dlaby and saddles and, where appropriate, may still be attached to the pins. It is also inserted between the wood natural tape of k.p.

The construction of the Garden House

Garden houses on the tools or to live mostly in various hobby markets menu already built. However, in addition to their disadvantage is their relatively high prices also that their dimensions and appearance are already given and therefore cannot be customized. Let build a Garden House according to your needs exactly tailored to our experienced craftsmen, who already have experience of the construction of summerhouses.

Wooden terraces

Wooden terrace is the right place where you not only in the summer, you can enjoy with your friends. Seamlessly connects Your living space with garden and basically gives you more living space. The advantage of the construction of a wooden terrace is also the fact that it can be placed almost anywhere without the necessary solid base.


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