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Washing windows Prague

Washing Windows is among the favorite domestic activities. Therefore it is here for you our service of washing Windows, that will take care of washing Windows or expenses with professional care.

How to wash windows correctly when you do

To washing Windows, it is appropriate to send out only if the outdoor temperature is at least 5 ° C chemical products have reduced effectiveness in freezing temperatures. They are not suitable or čtyřicetistupňová heat, then the chemicals evaporate very quickly, which is also reduced their effectiveness.

For washing Windows start always with washing up and then go to the washing of the glass panels. You should not use the jar. Washing with it as easy, but from the window area to keep. On the contrary. Adhering to the glass and creates a sticky film on it, which is then stuck dirt. So while you have washed up quickly, but just as quickly you spring clean the dirty again.

In addition to washing Windows and shop Windows we also provide carpet cleaning, cleaning the seats, upholstery cleaning or cleaning your home or office space.

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