Wallpaper hanging of vlies wallpaper

Wallpaper hanging of vinyl wallpaper

Wallpaper hanging of wallpaper

Wallpaper hanging of special wallpapers

Wallpaper hanging of silk wallpaper

Wallpaper hanging of the news paper

Wallpaper hanging of photo wallpaper

Gluing of the self-adhesive foil

Gluing of the self-adhesive wallpaper

Papering the news paper

Bonding of bordurs

Wallpaper hanging of posters


Removing of old paintings

Repair of the surface of walls

  • Paper wallpaper
  • Vinyl wallpaper
  • Vlies wallpaper
  • Textile wallpapers
  • Silk wallpapers
  • Special wallpapers
  • Vinyl wallpaper: 200 CZK/m²
  • Vlies wallpapers: 200 CZK/m²
  • Textile (silk) wallpapers: 200 CZK/m²
  • Paper wallpaper: 200 CZK/m²
  • Glass fiber wallpapers: 200 CZK/m²
  • Special insulation wallpaper: 300 CZK/m²
  • Special wallpaper (a group of heavy wall hangings, where they can be elements of wood, cork, reed, the plastic, metal, glass, etc.): from 200 CZK/m², price we will set after seeing the type of wallpaper.
  • Bordure (bonded with adhesive and self-adhesive): from CZK 50 per running metre.
  • Wallpapers: 250 CZK/m²
  • Self-adhesive wallpaper/foils: 250 CZK/m²
  • Removal of old paint or wallpaper: 40 CZK/m² (the price is approximate, it depends always on the state of the surface and it is best to see the situation on the spot)
  • Penetration coating: 50 CZK/m² (including material)
  • Painting the equalization squeegee: 150 CZK/m²
  • Fixes/repairs of cracks, damage of the walls: the hourly price 300 CZK/hour/1 craftsman. It depends on the extent of the damage, it is therefore necessary to first see situation on the spot.


(When measuring area of the wallpapering is always determined by the whole area of m² regardless of whether if on the area are the doors, shelves, drawers, switches, etc., this is part of the wallpapering area, as it may count toward wallpapering the area that contains any cutouts, bevels or angles, roughness, which is needed to carve, is time and qualitatively more demanding than papering a clean area without any obstacles.)


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Wallpaper hanging Prague


If you plan hang wallpaper in your apartment, office or store, email us or call us and you will not regret it. We provide wallpapering of paper, vliess, vinyl, textile and silk wallpaper and photo wallpaper. We arrange the removal of the old wallpaper and according to the characteristics of the surface penetration, grinding or prepare the basis for bonding the wallpapering.

Why just wallpaper and wallpapering

Wallpapering is one of the most common way to refresh the Interior. Wallpapering is also a way to cheaply achieve the imitation materials that would otherwise stood much more money. Among the most commonly used types of wall coverings include paper wallpaper, vlies wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper. Other types of wallpapers are wallpapers with themes, complex shapes or pictures.

Are you interested in the history of wallpaper or you want to know what species still exist in addition to those most commonly used and what they produce? Everything can be found here.

Quality of wallpaper hanging requires high quality of surface under wallpaper

If we require the perfect appearance of the wallpapered area, it is necessary that the underlying surface is perfectly flat and smooth, the finer and thinner wallpaper, the easier it will be for inequality wallpaper copy.

  • Cleaning the walls of the small projecting inequalities or granules we tin with a spatula, stiff sandpaper or sanding the squeegee
  • Old paint scraping we perform to wetting of old painting and scratching with the metal spatula
  • If it is difficult to remove old wallpaper, moisten wall and then again scratching with the metal spatula
  • Small inequality align with buffer by palette knife or putty
  • When large inequalities or too rough surface we wall levelling trowel
  • Before gluing wall paper, we recommend surface paint coating with penetration, penetration consolidate the absorbency of the surface and then it is easyer applied the wallpaper.



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