Excavation works

Demolition and Demolition Works

Straightening and sloping terrain

Soil Rozhrnování

Soil compaction

Excavation of foundations

Pond excavation

Pool Excavation

Land cleaning

Stump disposal

Excavations of furrows for engineering networks

Debris and waste removal

Final Surface Treatment

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Excavation works Prague and environs

Excavation works

Do you need to dig up the foundations of a family house, establish an engineering network, take away earth or building material, excavate a pool or other landscaping?

We perform excavation work not only manually but also with the help of mechanization in any range.



Further, demolition and demolition work, container transport, debris and waste disposal and all ground work.

We take care of any landscaping, sloping and straightening of terrain, cleaning of neglected plots, liquidation of stumps,

Excavation works, excavations furrows for the storage of utility networks.

We deal with VÝKOPOVÝMI works of small extent from the excavation of swimming pools, the excavation of the ponds, the excavation of the foundations for the establishment of fences to the excavation of the trees.

Excavations of foundations

  • Excavation of the foundations of family houses
  • Excavations of the foundations of industrial buildings
  • Excavations of fence foundations
  • Ponds and pools excavation
  • Cellar Excavations
  • Excavations for Sinks
  • Excavations for Purifiers
Excavations for engineering networks
  • Grooves for water lines
  • Grooves for gas pipe

During excavation work we have to ensure the stability of the excavation using the arm walls. The function of the arm is to ensure excavation against soil landslide. Technology known unilateral and reversible. Building security by underground walls: pile walls (they are drawn from pilots that overlap and are separated by Klenbičkamis), sheet pilings (type Larsen beams) and solided arm walls.

The crafts of the FERDA Praha community have many years of experience not only with výkopovými work. Write to us and we will take care of everything, whether it is masonry work and reconstruction, work of the plumbing or construction of timber frame houses.

Do you have any advice with any other problem, malfunction, or defect? Need help installing or installing? Take advantage of the comprehensive service of an hourly husband who will help you with any problem you will not be aware of, or whose solution you do not need to feel. You do not need to be a domestic craftsman to yourself, which will provide everything from reconstruction, masonry work to minor repairs, repair of lamps and lamps, repairs of switches and drawers, closing of windows and doors.

It performs assembly and installation of all kinds, such as the installation of lighting, installation of the TV holder, assembly of the hood and many others. Just call us and tell us what the problem is. Whether it's plumbing, small repairs in the home or office or in the garden, painting and painting of all kinds or repair and renovation of windows or renovation of the door. Call and ask anytime you don't know the advice.
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