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Tiling Prague

There are many different kinds and types of tiles and the resulting price the work for laying the tiles depends on multiple factors, therefore we have listed in the price list of a certain margin. Factors that affect the price on the M2 will be carried out, for example, are the tiles the size of the tiles, the shape of the surface, where it will be carried out, the number of pleats tiles, corners or curves. It also depends whether and to what extent they will be used in ornamental elements such as. bordura, listela or bombato. Tiles and their installation is more demanding, the paving material is harder. If you want to have perfect-looking tiles, select experienced craftsmen community Ferda and tiles in your object will be good for you.

Types of tiles

Tiles or tiles we know mostly in the form of ceramic plates, pottery, but also from the plastic, stone or glass (eg. glass blocks).

They are also special decorative tiles, which are divided into the following types:

  • listela-tile belt type, which differs from the standard model and the dimensions of the tiles. Listellos usually sticks up above the eyes, to the ornate ornament stand out.
  • bombato-belt type tile with embossed decoration, whose dimensions are similar as for the listel, but differs from its surface, which rises above the plane of the other tiled.
  • inzerto or allover the decor-this is a ceramic element decorated in the middle of the tile or tiles in the middle of the report. The size of these tiles are identical with those of the standard.
  • Mosaic – the report usually multicolored square tiles of small dimensions
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