The mosaic tiling in the bathroom

The mosaic tiling in the kitchen

Compress the mosaics on the fireplace

Poultice a patchwork of internal surfaces

Poultice a mosaic of outdoor areas


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Tiller mosaic tiles mosaic of Prague-benefits

The advantage of the tiles of a mosaic is its perfect adaptability to the inequalities and atypical shapes of the underlying surface. While the tiles we had intricately cut mosaics we arc and corrugated walls, pillars, rounded edges ragged or corners very easily and efficiently.

The mosaic tiling, it is possible to use the diverse nature of the materials, from glass, stone, wood and ceramics to metal, beads or shells.

Mosaic tiles-the basic types and what is produced

Stone mosaic-natural materials, most commonly marble or slate, granite, sandstone, travertine, limestone.

Ceramic mosaic produced by pressing, drying and firing of the mosaic parts. Then you can edit the application of glazes. How can look like such a gross production process, you can check it out here

Glass mosaic – mosaic is produced by extracting individual parts, then their vylamováním and purge from the rest of the glass. How can look like such a gross production process, you can check it out here

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