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Cleaning the snow in homes


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Snow removal Prague

Nike, the romance, beauty and winter poetry also has its downside: cleaning the snow. The more white romance, the more the beauty of snowflakes in white gunk, changing the first enemy of okupujícího areas that you need to use. Snow becomes nasty necessity, without which you can not function normally, but in that year he coped really doesn’t want to.

Let the snow on us

Yes, you can wrap a coat, hat, scarf and gloves, arm yourself with the scraper, broom or a cutter and hit the snow. Or you can let us snow and watch from the warmth of home, as it wanes. Snow is one of many works in the garden, and not only on the grounds that we can provide for you. Simply call and throw the snow behind your head, or throw snow on our head. You can order either in a lump sum, snow or deal that we arrive at any time.

For more gardening and housework

If you have a garden and you do not have too much like snow, probably not Your favorite pastime or raking leaves. Never mind. Just call and order. You can perform additional work such as gardening and weeding the flowerbeds, weeding out of walkways, rockeries and ornamental walls we will take care of the removal and disposal of garden waste and chopping wood. If you need, we can manage all maintenance work in your home and at the Office. We provide cleaning and repair waste, plumbing and bricklaying, repairing, assembling furniture, cutting materials, drilling holes or bonding materials, simply everything what is needed. With us on that you’re not alone.

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