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  • Repair

    Minor repairs in homes, small offices, small patch repairs to the garden, small repair shops, small repairs in companies.


  • Furniture installation

    The installation of domestic furniture, Office furniture Assembly, Assembly kitchen, Assembly of furniture of all kinds, the installation of hoods, installation of electrical appliances, installation of equipment, to the installation of your dishwasher, Assembly machines.

  • Handyman

    Small and larger or unusual work in homes, offices and in the garden.

  • Renovation

    Renovation of furniture, window frames, renovation and restoration of doors and door frames.

  • Electricians

    Wiring electrical wiring, outlets, patch repair, repair of electrical switches, electrical appliances repair, repair of toys.

  • Flooring

    Laying of wooden floors, laying floating vinyl, laminate, wooden floors, floor laying, laying of wooden floors, massive installation of PVC and marmoleí, laying carpet, laying tiles, levelling of floors.

  • Snow removal

    Cleaning snow from public spaces, cleaning snow from sidewalks, cleaning snow in households.

  • Drywall installation

    Gypsum plasterboard construction, siding, soffits, gypsum plasterboard partitions.

  • Painters

    Painting, painting apartments, commercial spaces, painting rooms.

  • Coating

    Painting equipment, painting courses, painting, painting furniture and window frames, doors and doorframes, all subjects, equipement…


  • Plumbers

    Water distribution, repair, heating repair, battery repair, kitchen bathroom drains batteries, repair, repair waste, repair, showers, toilets, cleaning repair waste, repair the taps, plumbing modifications.

  • Cleaning drain

    Cleaning of kitchen waste, cleaning the toilet waste.

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning in the home, cleaning of commercial areas, cleaning of public areas, sweeping leaves and snow removal.

  • Wooden buildings

    Construction of pergolas, construction of wooden houses, the construction of log cabins, construction of pavilions, buildings, summerhouses construction wooden structures.

  • Masonry work

    Wall tiles, floor tiles, levelling, renovation, remodeling, construction, masonry partitions.

  • Locksmith

    Repair of locks, opening locks, latches, door odvrtávání repair, repair Windows.

  • Gardening services

    Engraving of beds, weeding beds, modifications, patches, treatment of the trees, cutting the trees.

  • Leaf cleanup

    Raking leaves, raking weeds, raking the garbage …

  • Wallpaper hanging

    Wallpapering vinyl wallpaper, wallpapering wallpapering of wallpaper, vliesových wallpaper, wallpaper photo wallpaper, wallpapering wallpapering commercial space, offices, papering stores …

  • Cutting materials

    Metal cutting, cutting plastics, cutting glass, cutting of ceramics.

  • Drilling materials

    Drilling of metals, plastics, glass drilling, drilling, drilling of ceramics.

  • Bonding materials

    Bonding of metals, plastics, glass bonding bonding bonding of ceramics.




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