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Restoration of the parquet in practice

First of all, you need to delete the perimeters of the floor, get rid of the floor and sweep the entire area of the cloves. Followed by the grinding, which is good to carry out the direction of the floor. If parquet floors arranged in a so-called. tree, grind with the direction of the tree. Grind almost vertically we can in case the floor is very crooked. If you are on the floor of the inequality, you need to manually sharpen grinder or Sander carefully landrace.

Sanding belt grinder we always driving forward and backward at the same track, then move about half the width of the Strip to the left and repeat the same procedure. When the cylinder is running, must be a grinder in a move to avoid the cut. The same applies when you roll out to the wall, when it is necessary to first raise the cylinder, before changing direction and then start again.

Furthermore, the grinding continues regional grinder, when circular motions vybrousíme where we are with the belt sander. Space around door frames, heating pipes, etc. vybrousíme manually. Regularly check whether the hands we are well polished by easing, which originated after the sanding belt sander. As necessary, it is also necessary to exchange timely grinding wheels.

Sealing floor

When you use sawdust from cementing grinding. These are mixed with jointing compound and using a spatula made PuTTY into gaps. Because in large joints PuTTY slightly forfeit roughly after 15 minutes to repeat the procedure. After the cement has dried the area again přebrousí. If the parquet in the floor moving, then cementing the importance does not have, since the time of the glue joints. In addition, continues once again grinding through the belt sander. Grind getting started always strictly in the opposite corner of the room. We must not forget the emptying bags of sawdust from the tuned. It could indeed be situations, when the sawdust could get hot cloves, which could ignite sawdust.

Painting floor

Before painting the floor must be perfectly vybroušena and carefully cleaned and freed from all impurities. You can then apply the primer. Lacquer is applied on the surface by using the lock on the region and the corners of the room to apply the brush. The ideal is to move from the window to the door, when the light we can check whether we have not missed any place. After the cure of a base lacquer (depending on the product) must be lightly file manually, or sanding grit sandpaper on the grid. Before the přebrušováním is the perfect time for installation of exterior moldings. Then you need to apply two layers of paint in the desired high intervals according to the manufacturer. The paint dries fully, although after 24 hours, but your property gets up to during the seven days, it is therefore not appropriate to the floor during this time.

Oiling floor

On the conclusion of the renovation of the dancefloor on the floor naneseme oil. Using a wide spatula and brush or cloth, lint. The massaging oils into the floor, use a rotary Sander. It is necessary to ensure that the excess oil on the surface of nezaschl. Either rozleští grinder, or just wipe off with a cloth. After drying, it can be fitted to the perimeter of the bar and then apply another layer of oil.

We specialize on other equipment renovation of houses and apartments, such as doors, Windows, double or furniture.

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