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Repair of furniture Prague

Repairs are widely used by the services that are able to get anything at a lower price than to acquire a new thing. When will the leg breaks off in the closet, patch is a way to easily and quickly ensure the original function. Why buy a new wardrobe or chest of drawers, bed, when you can use repair to save time and money? Our community of talented craftsmen and servicemen can deal with anything, we solve the necessary corrections.

Repair of electrical appliances, Prague

The area, where there is frequent need of repair and the influence of frequent use leads to the need for repairs, household appliances and is directly in the kitchen area. Appliances, for which you can make use of our service, without you were forced to buy new ones, such as hoods, fans, lamps, lamps, various kitchen appliances or machines, or for example, the repair outlet, switch and wiring. There are no boundaries to what could not be repaired, the repair of us enjoy and like to solve your problem.

Repair of toys and RC models Prague

Today we have many toys with complex electronic circuits, and so few consumer able to repair. But it may not be the only one damaged electronic circuit, broken or faulty wiring, and mechanical damage to the toys or repair your old model that you would like to download. Please contact us, we can help you solve the glitches of simple and complex models of toys with remote control, electric trains, or electronic or electrical toys and models.

Repair anything, a solution for every problem

In addition to the various fixes, we also have many other crafts. If you are going to hang wallpaper or paint your apartment or commercial space, contact us, wallpapering is our craft and painting work of our hobby. You can first check the quality of our work to our customers, watching the reference, you can also take a look at the real results of our work on this server. If you have a problem with waste management, we perform for you cleaning repair waste or waste. You may also throw the installation of furniture, or for example, the renovation of doors, Windows, furniture, renovation or renovation.

A community of artisans who are craftsmen, Shawn loves his job, and that’s why you can be sure that your work be carried out on one and you’ll be without worries and satisfied.

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