Repair of furniture

Fix Chair

Fix upholstery chairs

Fix the padding of the seat

Fix kitchen cabinets

Fix closing the kitchen door

Ulomeného hinge repair

Fix odštíplého piece of furniture

Fix broken drawer

Correction of chest of drawers

Fix bed

Repair of ruptured grate bed

Fix the table surface

Fix lacquer furniture

Fix cabinets



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Repair of furniture Prague


Today’s consumerist time attaches to things disposable. Increasingly, the broken thing is simply thrown away, exchanged for another. The producers it serves. And complies with the us? Rarely. Equipment in homes and offices is one of the examples. Repairs can solve many. It is necessary to throw out the grate on the bed when it burst one of its plates? It is necessary to replace the Cabinet when burst her Horn? It is necessary to replace the shelf when it releases one of its hooks? Repair of furniture is fast, reliable and inexpensive solution instead of purchasing, Assembly, and repetitive throwing.

Repair of furniture Prague touches craftsmen


If you don’t want to burden the environment and your wallet, it is for you to repair the furniture the best choice. Repair of furniture comes in a variety of even in the case that you are accustomed to on their equipment and do not want to change it around. Repair of furniture, of course, is the primary choice for more expensive and rarer pieces. For our workers is the repair of furniture and everyday actions we can deal in all circumstances. Repair of furniture is very often improvised and searching for funny and functional solution for literally a couple of surprise.

Not only the repair of furniture

Repair of furniture is becoming an increasingly popular solution for hundreds of rational households. Our offer but are not the only repair. We are a full range of repair and reconstruction works in homes and in offices. Entrust us to minor repairs, painting and decorating, wallpapering, plumbing and even care for the garden, or cleaning the snow. Call John Thomas and throw the worry with corrections for the head, and throw on the head of Ferda. He can deal.

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