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Fix switch

Fix the hood

Fix electric stove

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Repair of electric heating

Fix washing machine

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Repair of electric oven


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Repair of electrical appliances Prague


Why and when to repairs of electrical use

Often happens that we lose on the appliance you purchased the voucher or document right to throw away and after prolonged domestic appliance breaks down and you need to put it in order. In such cases, we choose between buying a new, or looking for an establishment where repairs of electrical appliances is carried out. While more expensive cost, repair of electrical appliances, from a broader perspective, but may be paid (i) for electrical appliances. If we are thinking about buying a new appliance, it is appropriate to take account of the side connection, such as the time spent searching for and obtaining new suitable product and its Assembly. Not always a new type of appliances (eg. Hood, bathroom fan, etc.) it snaps into place.

Simple repair of electrical appliances

As with any other electrical appliances are simple and some glitches quickly solvable, among those are usually dead fuse, loose contact, or a blown circuit board broken, damaged, switch, and so on. Repair of electrical appliances are then for such causes malfunction quite simple.

More complex repair of electrical appliances

Then there are also glitches that may require more time. Most of the appliances is made in a foreign country, and some spare parts are hard to available or not available at all. If the injured party cannot be a replacement part for a reasonable price, we are trying to use the appropriate equivalents, in exceptional cases, however, there is no suitable replacement and then have to buy a new appliance.

If you nezprovozníme, you do not pay for the repair of household appliances

In a community of craftsmen but we always Ferda defects resolved, feel free to us for repair of electrical contact, find out first how the defect manifests itself and we will outline where it could be indicative of price correction and after your evaluation, we can start repairing. If the defective appliance nezprovozníme, we do not, of course, you require any payment.

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