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Renovation of Windows Prague

Have Your Windows shreddy coat? Cracking the non PuTTY? They have corrupted the opening mechanism or other defects? Contact our craftsmen. The renovation is one of our specialties.

The correct procedure is the Foundation of successful renovation

Before beginning the renovation of Windows we plant and all the parts with which we work, undo. The glass part is necessary to polepit the protective foil and tape. If you are a desktop without the thick layers of old paint and are smooth, obrousíme is, carefully clean and newly strap. If you are strong and multilayer coatings of old, we remove the paint Remover is a special. This is a broad brush. If there are layers of paint released, carefully remove with a spatula is so we did not allow them any nicks in the wood. The alternative to deleting old surfaces is also using a Sun gun. If the surfaces are profiled, you must delete the special round scraper, gently with a wire brush or abrasive sponge, you remove the last remnants of the old colours, which simultaneously releases the pores of the wood for the new paint. If rusty colour coating, which was caused by the contact of wood with the hardware, you can use a vibrating Sander.

Small nicks or dents and after drying zatmelíme přebrousíme again. Then, on the surface of a wide brush naneseme basic impregnation coating on wood. When the entire surface dry, once again her přebrousíme. The coat must be applied always in the direction of the structure of wood, on which it is appropriate to use the roller lakýrnický. When applying the final coat of paint we completely identical. If you have wooden doors smooth surface, the paint can be applied with a spray gun.

Renovation of the Windows is not our only specialty in the field of renovation. We also scuntion Windows, doors, furniture or parquet.

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