Restoration of furniture

Restoration of doors

Renovation of windows

Restoration of wooden windows špaletových

Renovation of euro windows

Restoration of doors

Restoration of doors

Renovation gates

Renovation of railing

Renovation of stairs

Renovation of kitchen cabinets

Renovation apartment

Room renovation

Bathroom renovation



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Renovation Praha

For renovation we choose from a variety of causes. Sometimes we want to preserve the function of old furniture, sometimes we regret to buy new and sometimes we have a relationship to furniture. The process itself can be challenging, but if we take into account the quality of the materials used today, and we add the emotional bond that binds us to him, then it is certainly worthwhile. Quality and renovations resulting effect depends on the current state and how much you’re willing to spend renovating. In some cases, the object is sufficient renovated old paint sanded, trowel and subsequently perform painting, but if the object you want to restore in very bad condition and it is necessary to remove old paint, it requires more time and skill, especially in old furniture. Ferda community has a high quality craftsmen who are engaged in renovation for many years and their craft they love, so in the case of renovation, you can confidently turn to Ferda.

Renovation of furniture

Do you have an old piece of furniture, which reflected the ravages of time, but you want to keep? Then it needed renovation, which will provide our specialists on restoration of furniture.

Renovation of windows and window frames

In addition to furniture restoration is often needed total renovation of windows and window frames. Often, this is where the exchange for other windows is because of the need to preserve the original character or impossible, difficult and costly. In such cases, a suitable restoration. Artisans community Ferda able to renovate windows, window frames and restoration of doors and door frames. We can renovate anything you need. Since neither picture not issue as many words as vivid picture of the place you are always first need to advance the situation on-site review and assess the situation. Write to us or call us and we come to look at the free tour, which will evaluate the situation and demanding restoration and determine the cost ..

Renovation of doors, frames and door frames

We offer professional services in the renovation of doors, including renovations glass doors, flush doors, frames etc. peels off the paint or varnish? There are cracks in the door? Scratched? The simplest solution is to purchase a new door, but do not want to be the original ones to give up, we must renovate the door. In this case, definitely not hesitate to entrust the renovation of our experienced professionals. Renovation of the door perform according to your requirements, either in the form of paint or adhesive taping foil or wallpaper.

Renovation of parquet

Renovation of the floor is a specific activity requiring a certain skill, and if the result is to be impeccable job also requires experience and expertise. So do not hesitate floor renovation entrust our specialists. We renovate all types of wooden floors.

Renovation of gates, gateways, stairs, railings and fances

Gates or large older doors are often made of quality wood and that in such cases it pays to send the item or damaged and the time spent gates or renovate it, especially if you want to preserve the original historic character. Renovation of older buildings often requires more time and especially in complex shapes for high-quality results need certain amount of patience. Entrust renovation craftsmen Ferda and we will do everything to your satisfaction. Except of course for the restoration of stairs, railings, for example, fences, we are able to repair and many other kinds of objects, buildings and equipment, if you need anything renovate describe our situation, ideally attach a photo to our better idea and we will call for clarification of the situation and prices usually is but the need for accurate assessment tour (free).







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