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Renovation of wooden scuntion Windows Prague-what is špaleta, and when the renovations pay off

Špaletou is called the inner surface between the outer and inner wing window. The top, bottom, left and right part of the surface of the inside of the two wings is therefore called špaleta. As in the space between the two wings of the heat loss occurs, it is replaced with the more modern types. In many cases, but it is not possible for reasons of maintaining the authenticity of historical objects, then this wooden scuntion Windows to renovate. The reason for choosing the renovation of wooden scuntion Windows compared to installing new Windows, but may not be the only problem with the national authority, in many cases, there is no need to remove the old lacquer, sometimes it is sufficient only to repair damaged areas or vytmelením just grinding and applying a new coat of paint.  Renovation of wooden scuntion Windows can be in a lot of cases, better than making new Windows.

Renovation of wooden scuntion Windows and basic concepts

  • Špaleta – the surface of the inner surfaces between the outer and the inner sash window
  • The lining of the surface of vertical surfaces between the wings
  • The soffit/Vault – the upper area between the wings
  • Sill-bottom area between the wings

Špaleta – Wikipedia

In addition we also scuntion Windows Classic, Windows, doors, furniture, floors, fences, gates and doors, different steps or handrail.

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