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Successful renovation of furniture requires the correct procedure

For the renovation of furniture is essential first of all remove all original layers of surface finishes. In the case of upholstered furniture is, moreover, the need to also remove the lining and filler material, including the springs. If possible, the specified piece of furniture we conclude as soon as possible. From the connections it is necessary to remove the rivets, nails and metal clips. If you are connecting the materials to use, then again we. If not, we have to use the same type of material.

To the old surface materials thoroughly removed using either mechanical or chemical procedures, or a combination of both. You can use a variety of scrapers, grinders or brushes. Wood grinding is performed in the direction of the fibres, or on the surface of the transverse ridges arise unsightly. If worn, on the subject of zvlhčíme him all sorts of defects. Finally, we use water with the addition of glue to the identification of the success of the repairs.

Promáčklin patch and a new coat of paint

If there are dents on the furniture, propaříme is iron. Larger recess is needed after the surface dries zakápnout varnish. If the door somewhere, it ripped veneer podlepíme dispersive surface coating and ties to fit. The remains of adhesives, we must carefully osmirkovat.

After repair, we can apply a new coat of paint. Most water-based products. If we want high performing new finishes, we use several layers of paint stripped. Between the coatings it is necessary to carry out thorough cleansing repeatedly Regrinding and surface from any dust.

To be successful, we make furniture renovation after complete drying all parts of the furniture clean all components of the joints from surpluses of the applied paint and then smontujeme the individual parts. However, before we do a thorough cleaning of all components of the joints from any surplus of the paint coating. If some of the components they need to glue together, in time for them naneseme glue, then let dry thoroughly.

In addition to the renovation of furniture we are also renovating Windows scuntion Windows, furniture or floor. Entrust the renovation by experienced professionals. Leave it to us and you will not regret it.

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