The renovation of the old wooden door

Renovation of interior doors

Renovation of entrance door

Renovation of the gates

Renovation of the gate

Repair Paint doors

Sealing doors

Painting brush or roller doors

Sanding the door

Painting door


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Renovation of the doors by using paint

In the renovation of the door with the help of paint, first removing the handles and hinges, and then deleting the old paint. This is done by grinding with grinding, Emery paper or a hot air gun. Then you need to clean the surface from dust and dirt, which we nepouštějícím hair with a damp cloth. Subsequently the surface is important, for example, with thinner or prepped petrol. Next, you need to treat scratches, grooves and battered space that is good overlap and fill out the cement. It is good to apply the higher layer, because after it has dried, it will have to file again and wipe them out. The final phase of the renovation of the door is the coat colour, lacquer. Interior doors are recommended to paint twice, when the second coat is a good lead in the opposite direction from the original. The color of the door must then be perfectly again.

Renovation of the doors film or self-adhesive wallpaper

The door of the foil is produced directly for the purpose of the renovation of the door. Self-adhesive wallpaper this feature also won’t let anyone tease, but it there is a risk that it will not be on the surface of the door well.

The door of the foil is produced in standardized dimensions, that have a common interior doors. Their surface has a special adaptation that was too artificially. In the menu of themes prevail especially wood decors. Renovation of the door using the foil is performed so that the door pulling the foil or the wallpaper. Film must accurately assess and carefully stick. For the cheapest types of renovation is roughly 250 sheet price CZK per piece in the size 90 cm x 200 cm.

Do you find that in addition to the renovation of the door you need to paint the walls and around, because after the renovation of the door you seem so nice? Our painters will take care of your new coat.  We can handle and the renovation of the Windows, the furniture, the floor, or the renovation of the entire apartment.

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