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Reconstruction Of Prague

What reconstruction in construction means? The reconstruction is the term for the physical return to old nedochovanému State or for the representation of such a State. In architecture are often mistakenly used for the repair. Reconstruction has a completely different meaning. Means the conversion of (eg. reconstruction of the sewerage system) or a return to the older nedochovanému.

What to watch during the reconstruction?

  • Overused financing – the amount of actual expenditure on reconstruction is often underappreciated. Plan your budget in advance so that their original ideas did not have to rule later. Forcing you to finance to compromise, then, this coercive State forces compromise the qualities of the equipment itself, which with the passage of time can be very sorry. Note also that with some certainty to an unplanned expense. Therefore, you should create a specific financial reserve.
  • Underpriced planning – Carefully consider all the options, how to perform the reconstruction. Customize the space to meet your needs and the number of people that inhabit the household. Do not try to give priority to a spectacular appearance. Avoid trying to impress without considering the functionality of a new space.
  • The effort to take care of everything by yourself – this alternative very carefully consider. It is easy to succumb to the idea that the self-help significantly save money. But correcting mistakes will cost you much more dráže than the investment in professional work.
  • Selection of artisans — in choosing the appropriate artisan, you must be sure that you are actually the scope’s znalého and conscientious man. If it does not respond to your phone calls or missed calls, or communicate in any way, then it’s very reduced its credibility. Find out the results of the last reference of the contracts. A reputable company will have the problem you my last order show.

We provide a reconstruction of the apartment, the reconstruction of residential the cores or reconstruction of bathrooms.

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