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Solve your problems with water, heating, gas, sewerage and waste management. Our plumbers can cope with a dysfunctional flushing, with wiring and repairs of water or with the cleaning of the waste. If you need advice, contact John Thomas.

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The most common work of the plumber and the ways to resolve faults


One of the most common work of a plumber repair dripping faucets, flowing through the tubing inlet, the inlet valve dripping or leakage at the tap.
  • Dripping/passing through the kitchen or bathroom faucet

Leakage or dropping batteries can have multiple places of origin, may be to blame faulty battery cartridge (ceramic insert, which controls the flow of water and put on the handle), the body itself, the battery is damaged (cracked shoulder, or some part of the body of the faucet), or, if you have a shoulder tap the battery damaged/worn valve (disc).

That is a defective cartridge, so that the water escapes from the places where the handle/lever, which is deployed on the cartridge, it is appropriate to first turn off the water supply to the faucet, thoroughly wipe dry battery, to know exactly where the water is leaking, then turn on the water supply and the track in what places.

In the case of a ruptured body battery we have only one option and that is the exchange of

If you are flowing at Withers of the battery in a place where the taps, then vyšroubujeme, then vyšroubujeme the faucet valve (nine-PIN) and we exchange the pressure seal. If this does not help in the removal of defects, can be worn so called. a saddle that fits seal. Under such circumstances, can the saddle gently přefrézovat to create a perfectly flat surface, or the battery replaced at Withers.

  • Inlet valve damaged

If you find that you have a defective water inlet valve. single, some valves can replace the seals, which can be the cause of the malfunction, but in most cases it is not possible to break down the current single, then left the opportunity to purchase the new single.

  • Damaged power supply tubing to the water battery

On the market are mostly two kinds of water hoses to faucets, plastic or rubber with a metal surface braid, which are slightly more expensive, but they are more flexible and more resilient, most occurs in the case of plastic tubing.

If the water leak in the space above the kitchen sink, i.e.. somewhere on the water battery, but escapes underneath the sink, try to first tighten all connections if the fault persists, and you will find that the leak can be for a specific joints (tube-single or tube-battery), try replacing the seal between these parts.

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Replacing the cartridge faucet Video

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Our plumbers are dealing with both internal and external installations of water, gas, heating and sanitation systems and their repair. Ensure that installation and maintenance of networks for the distribution of water, gas and heat. Mount and fix the regulatory and measuring technique, diesel heaters, gas and solid fuels, and according to prescribed standards we will check the tightness and pressure.

We will help you, if You hit the emergency situation, or if you are scheduled to work instalatérského. Entrust your trust our installers. Our plumbers have the necessary knowledge, skills and equipment. Call us and our plumbers will fix Your problem quickly to your full satisfaction.

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