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Painting with white and shade: 45 EUR/m² + price of the concealment of the material, if it is needed (foil, masking tape, etc.)

Covering up (protection of furniture, equipment and floors before painting, pollution banding krepovou tape): we in the hourly price 300 CZK/hour/1 craftsman, the working time depends on the extent of zakrývaných always surfaces, generally the more precise work, the more time spent making and olepováním.

Penetration of the substrate: CZK 50/m² including the penetračního paint

Removal of old paint: since the time of work and intensity dependent on the State of the walls, we carry out this work in the hourly price 300 CZK/hour/1 craftsman. As a rule, but first come on tour for free to find out the current status and set the price.

Fixes/repairs of cracks, cracks, damage the walls: the hourly price 300 CZK/hour/1 craftsman. It depends on the extent of the damage, therefore, is the need for communication to the vzpravidla first tour prices.


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Painters Prague


Painting work is a simple service that you order and you don’t have to spend your valuable free time to paint. We perform for you simple and complex work. We arrive at the place and talk to the extent of the painting. You can order the painting work, but other work such as repair of the walls and the Elimination of cracks or removal of old paintings, plaster and wallpaper. On the painting work we have in our community experienced craftsmen and professional painter.

The alignment of the painting

If you are in a situation where Your painting needlessly count against jagged edges, or simply you want to for their spaces perfectly straight edges and shapes of painting, or you want to make your perfect service and your business reflect the look of the Interior, please email us or call, we take care of the perfect insight of painted walls. Believe that investments in retail design editing Your paintings shall be paid and your customers know it.

Painters-painting not only Prague


Painting work are just one of the many works that you can order from us and you can save a lot of time, nerves, but also money. We offer you a small masonry work, minor repairs, installation of furniture, but also the gardening work, janitorial work, snow removal, or for example, the timber frame. It is up to you to decide whether you want to spend your free time really what fills You.

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