Repair of furniture

Fix floor

Fix the hinge

Fix TV anchor

Heating repair

Fix lighting

Fix the switch lighting

Repair socket


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Minor repairs Prague-craftsmen community Ferda help with anything


Small fixes in the hands of a skillful craftsman can save many, what would you yourself address in Exchange. You have inadvertently damaged the corner cabinets? No need to buy a new wardrobe. Using the minor repairs Will save you money handyman. Burst You grate in bed? Because of one part you do not need to exchange the entire grid. Handyman to repair and fix the problem to your satisfaction.

We provide not only the minor repairs


Handyman service will not only help You when you need minor repairs. Handyman is a handy craftsman, who will help you with everything you need. You do not know the Council’s Assembly furniture? Give us a call. We not only repair of all kinds, but also with odbornějšími, which require professionals. We take care of painting and decorating work, we carry out plumbing and installation of the appliances. We offer you gardening work. We save your time and if you have a large garden and little time for its maintenance. Simply, if you don’t know something’s Council, please contact us.


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