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Masonry work Prague

A community of artisans Ferda can how small masonry work such as repair of stucco, plaster or repair walls, so more like laying tiles and tiles, floors and balancing as big as buildings, residential remodeling kernels or total reconstruction. We are preparing a concrete, we provide internal and external plaster trimming and additional works, laying of interlocking paving stones, thermal insulation of facades, walls, masonry modifying of bricks, masonry blocks, stucco work, from otlučení limy plaster, peeling paint on the wall, repairing old chimneys, chimney lining, new pairing, demolition work and other masonry work. Masonry work are one of the many trades that for you with precision.





Decide for the reconstruction of the apartment or the bathroom? We have for you a few tips on what to avoid when such reconstruction. If you are looking for reliable tradesmen, you are at the right address. We can arrange the reconstruction of residential the cores, the reconstruction of the masonry or prefabricated apartments and we also make renovation of bathrooms.

Reconstruction of the residential core

We provide a complete reconstruction of the residential core and reconstruction of bathrooms. If you want to have reconstruction by experienced craftsmen, then we are the right choice. Before starting work on the reconstruction of the residential core with you zkonzultujeme your ideas on the future form of the renovated bathrooms and WC.

Reconstruction of the apartment

You have chosen to renovate your apartment? Let it make our experienced craftsmen. We provide a complete reconstruction of the apartment, and both brick and bathrooms of the apartments. You can rely on us. With us you will save both time and money.

Bathroom renovation

We retired to you bathroom in your apartment or House of prefabricated building? Save your precious time and leave the reconstruction of our professionals. Copes with all the necessities that the bathroom renovation belongs.


There are many different kinds and types of tiles and the resulting price the work for laying the tiles depends on multiple factors, therefore we have listed in the price list of a certain margin. Factors that affect the price on the M2 will be carried out, for example, are the tiles the size of the tiles, the shape of the surface, where it will be carried out, the number of pleats tiles, corners or curves. It also depends whether and to what extent they will be used in ornamental elements such as. bordura, listela or bombato. Tiles and their installation is more demanding, the paving material is harder. If you want to have perfect-looking tiles, select experienced craftsmen community Ferda and tiles in your object will be good for you.

Laying floor tiles

Well you put any kind of paving. We consider a stone, concrete, ceramic, grassing or interlocking tiles and other types of paving, such as plastic tiles, etc.


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