Laying ceramic floor tiles

Laying concrete paving

Laying a wooden floor tiles

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Tiling Prague

There are many different kinds and types of tiles and the resulting price the work for laying the tiles depends on multiple factors, therefore we have listed in the price list of a certain margin. Factors that affect the price on the M2 will be tiling to perform, such as the size of the tiles, the shape of the surface, where they will perform the tiling, the number of pleats, corners or curves. It also depends whether and to what extent they will be used in ornamental elements such as. bordura, listela or bombato. Tiling is the more demanding, the paving material is harder. If you want to have a perfectly posed, select experienced craftsmen community and posed in Ragu paving Your object will be good for you.

Types of tiles

Tiles can be laid on many different bases such as. Interior floors, walkways, terraces, náplavky or lawns. According to the specific and, therefore, there are different types of tiles:

  • Stone tiles – often material used on walkways and garden paths, the most commonly used material from granite, sandstone or limestone.
  • Concrete paving – is ideal especially for its strength and durability. The most common is a concrete paver, which is produced in various shapes and colours.
  • Ceramic tiles – it has low water absorption and is very solid, it can be considered flat on the edge or on the height and can be with her to create diverse patterns.
  • Grass paving – is ideal where there is the need to solidify the driveway surface, but at the same time it is necessary to make the withholding water it soaked into the ground, it is made of concrete, ceramic or plastic materials, such as blocks of different sizes, with a gray or color. Individual blocks are falling to earth shall be cultivated with grass mixture, or it is possible to save on the surface of the scrolled grassy carpet.
  • Wooden paving – paving can be used on wood, however, that oil against moisture. Suitable material is mainly timber.

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