Ikea kitchen installation

Installation of kitchen cabinets

Fitting a kitchen faucet

Fitting the hob

Installation of the kitchen sink

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Fitting the Prague cuisine

We provide a complete installation of kitchen appliances, including the involvement of or faucets. Smontujeme kitchen in commonly purchased the sales network, but also the kitchen, for example, purchased at IKEA. We provide various cutouts into the kitchen boards, etc.

Ikea kitchen installation

Installation of the kitchen from IKEA is not significantly complex. IKEA is famous for its mounting instructions and with it you can do it handily. You can still have a reason to leave the installation of kitchen professionals, for example, because of the savings of your time. Before any cancellation/abandonment installation of the kitchen, we should have finished all the plumbing, the introduction of electricity and gas. These are the activities that you’ve most definitely should leave to the experts. Plumbing work and introduced by the electricity and gas, carry out our plumbers and electricians. Then we can begin the actual installation of the kitchen. First we remove all inequalities on the walls and the floor, and we can go to the installation of the cabinets and drawers. Assembled cabinets in the kitchen’s need to organize them according to how they will fit.

Installation of all types of cuisine

Of course, in addition to fitting kitchen IKEA you we can assemble any other types, we will, for example, assembling furniture, fitting the shower stall or other installation work.

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