Installation of curtain rails

Assembling the furniture

Installation of the kitchen

Mounting lights

Mounting of the hood

Installing a toilet

Installation of TV

Cleaning drain

Repair of furniture

  • Handyman: minor and major repairs, help, maintenance, installation, etc., first hour 500 Kč, every other 300 CZK/1 craftsman (price including freight to the customer in town, outside of town + 10 CZK/km).
  • Parking: in case that there is a need to park in the paid parking zone, we charge the price of parking spaces (from experience rarely ).
  • Work over the holidays or weekends: + 50%.
  • Purchase and finding material, transport, removal: 300 CZK/hour/1 craftsman + 10 CZK/km.
    Depreciation of tools and equipment is included in the price of work, if larger range of work, or when drilling, grinding or cutting hard materials price individually according to the used machinery and tools, and their degree of wear and tear.
    Work at a height over 3 meters + 100 CZK/hour.
  • Road transport, removals, etc.: 300 CZK/hour/1 craftsman + 10 CZK/km.
  • Orders in smaller size we usually charge by hourly rates.
  • Larger-scale contract and all other work determined according to the nature of the work/service range and the situation on the place after personal visit for free.



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Handyman Prague will help whenever and with whatever

Handyman Prague is diversely oriented and professionally proficient. For example, you can use him as a plumber, if you need to repair your dripping faucet and don’t want to risk any damage. For the craftsman are common work like small repairs, cutting materials, or drilling holes in the wall of the toy in the hands of the layman without adequate equipment, however, may be the subject of family stories, but also unpleasant injuries and unnecessary delay. Handyman for Prague can handle it for a while and you can devote to recreational users.

A community of artisans who are craftsmen, Shawn loves his job, and that’s why you can be sure that your work be carried out on one and you’ll be without worries and satisfied.

Handyman Prague in a community of craftsmen Ferda

Handyman Prague is a handy craftsman who can deal with multiple types of craft. For example, if you call a specialist to fix the door if the worker to solve defects in 20 minutes, leave immediately.

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