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Gardening Prague


Do you have a garden and you don’t have enough time on it? Nevertheless, throughout the year, but you don’t want to look into the impenetrable jungle? Your garden may not be neglected, and you don’t have to spend in the horticultural work every spare moment. You just have to subscribe to an experienced worker’s gardening and agree with him on what you need.

Horticultural work according to your taste


Gardening Prague we offer you exactly the extent to which you need. You specify which gardening work you want to leave us. We take care of the lawn mowing and maintenance, posekáme wood, posbíráme fruit and shrabeme leaves. Just patios and paths, and take a chunk of all wastes. We can even less popular gardening work: vyplejeme and zryjeme beds, take out the weeds from the walkways, rockeries and of ornamental walls. To think of snow, we will take care of removing it from places that you need to use. The gardening work you can simply forget. The gardening work we just freaks.

Raking leaves

Leave raking leaves this year for us. Raking leaves is one of the many services that you order from us. As soon as the mind, call and we can date its liquidation. In addition to the one-time cleaning leaves can be arranged and regular cleaning. During a moment or a few moments, depending on the size of your garden, not the fallen leaves in your garden or monuments.

Not only a beautiful garden


Horticultural work but may not be the only thing we can help you. We provide a comprehensive service hourly husband, who will help you with any problem that you know or whose solution do not feel. You don’t have to be ourselves, to ensure that domestic artisan everything needed from reconstruction, masonry work to repair. Just call us and tell us what the problem is before You. Whether it’s plumbing, minor repairs in the home or Office, or in the garden, paint and coating of any kind or repairs and renovation of Windows or door renovation. Call any time you know.

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