Assembling the bed

Mounting living walls

Fitting shelves

Installation of seats

Assembling the furniture

Installation of the kitchen

Assembling the chest of drawers

Mounting living walls

Fitting kitchen door

Mounting rack

Installation of conference table

Assembling Ikea furniture

Assembling the furniture Kika

Assembling the furniture Idea



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Furniture installation Prague


We will provide you a professional installation of the furniture exactly the extent to which you need. Our staff are experienced professionals and knowledgeable nábytkáři. Assembling the furniture handle in a far faster time, and thanks to its rich experience and high quality equipment. Indulge yourself thanks to them the joy of the newly decorated home sooner and save time that would give you the Assembly of furniture. Our staff have a wealth of experience with the mounting of all possible types of furniture pieces and stop is however unclear instructions. On assembling the furniture are simply the best and will advise you in every situation.

Fitting the Prague furniture powerful craftsmen

Although at first sight often seemed fitting the Prague furniture is quick and simple affair, the truth is that, even when well developed plans for certain furniture manufacturers, such as the Ikea Assembly furniture is needed to take time. Of course, that your furniture you can at home or in a company to build it themselves, but the question is whether this is worth it to you to spend your time, instead, to contact the experienced craftsmen.

Our craftsmen familiar with current trends, they know how to do it and try to cope in all situations, moreover, have the appropriate professional tools. Work them so it is nice from the hand and any unexpected problem is engages. For assembling furniture Prague contact us with confidence, we are artisans, who love their work.

More home work

You don’t have to be experts on domestic work, and yet you don’t need to bother with them. We offer you a complete service for your home. We take care of minor repairs, plumbing, painting and decorating work, but also about your garden and arrange the necessary disposal of leaves in autumn and in winter snow removal. With us you don’t have to be home handymen. Thanks to us you can do at home is always just what you prefer. Let your worries about maintenance and repair on us.

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