Installation of plasterboard partitions

Mounting the sádrokartonového ceiling

Installation of plasterboard construction



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Drywall installation Prague


A community of artisans Ferda performs plasterboard partitions (mezibytové, safety and thermal), plasterboard, construction gypsum ceilings (straight, oblique, curved, mineral, latticed or acoustic), sliced holes dismantling drywall and plasterboard activities, other work.

The advantages of the installation of drywall


Drywall installation is a quick and cheap way of dry masonry, which is suitable for both the walls of the rooms, as well as for the reduction of the ceilings, or the creation of niches.
Plasterboard is made up of plaster pressed between two thick cardboard. They are also intended to drywall wet rooms, which are impregnated with silicone.

Drywall can be mounted on plasterboard profiles. Profiles are mostly made from galvanized sheet steel.

Plasterboards are often used in reconstruction of housing, but also in the construction of new buildings. The wall of drywall usually have all of the new buildings. Quick and easy installation allows you to build the walls of plasterboard in the flats, the creation of enclosed storage space, or the distribution of the major rooms on the smaller. Plasterboards are also a popular material for the construction of the ceiling, which can be easily incorporated lighting. Special adjustment also enables the installation of drywall to perform in the bathrooms or kitchens.

In addition to the installation of drywall, assemble the furniture and kitchen also whether purchased in normal operating network or from IKEA.


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