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Cleaning of office space

General cleaning of the apartment

Regular household cleaning

Cleaning up after the Bards

Cleaning snow



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We take care of cleaning of your home whether your home is in any condition. One time cleaning, regular cleaning and general cleaning. Lady’s experienced and responsible approach.

Cleaning offices

Lady’s of our community Ferda implement quality cleaning of small and large spaces and we will take care also about many other issues in the field of maintenance, with us you will always have a lot less worries.

Apartment cleaning

For cleaning of apartments we have experienced and hardworking ladies that can handle every situation. Rely on us, we care about the quality of our members and we are interested in the positive outcome after each job.

Cleaning of companies

Cleaning up after a corporate celebration, after painting, performing general cleaning once or periodically according to your needs and agreement. Call or write, we can help you!



Washing Windows

Don’t worry with washing the Windows, leave it to us. We provide washing Windows in flats, houses, companies, nurseries and schools and we will take care of washing costs in your shop. We use professional products and professional equipment.

Carpet cleaning

Let us professionally cleaned carpet or any fabric. You need to clean the entire carpet or just get rid of the one spots? No problem. We carry out a thorough cleaning of the water, but dry cleaning.

Cleaning seats

We clean sofas, armchairs, chairs, opěráky and handrails, podsedáky, seat bags and sacks, mattresses and upholstery in General. We remove blemishes, spots, čmárance, impregnate against soiling, we provide deep cleaning or cleaning on dry basis.  Leave the cleaning of our experienced professionals.

Upholstery cleaning

Professionally clean Your upholstered furniture, upholstery in your car and other. Cleaning we provide best practices either deep wet cleaning. dry cleaning. Do you have on your upholstery stain or spot, and you don’t know a fix? Leave it to us!

Cleaning snow

Snow is one of our cleaning services, that we offer you. Accommodate your requirements, so you should always ensure timely removal of snow calamity, when disposable or, for example, when the prolonged snow blanket.

Cleaning Prague


We provide household cleaning, cleaning offices and other objects. Do you need in your apartment or House, for example, to execute the General cleaning before Christmas? No problem. As well as regular cleaning can be arranged entirely according to your requirements.

You need to wash Windows or in your shop or company? Take advantage of our services, washing Windows and shop Windows.

We also offer carpet cleaning, cleaning the seats or upholstery cleaning. There’s nothing we can’t handle. We will meet any of your specific request for cleaning.

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