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Cleaning drain Prague

Methods of cleaning and possible causes of blockage from waste

  • Clogged waste is possible through several ways. Of course, prevention is always good, so we did not get into such a situation, it is therefore advisable to use a strainer to make more solid parts of the impurities from the waste and also is useful once in a while to clean up the siphon.
    In the first place may be the cause of polluted siphon washbasins, bath tubs or kitchen sink, which is needed to break down and clean up.
  • A second common cause is insufficient momentum for waste pipes, the water then has sufficient speed and pressure to the impurities, which carries up to carry the septic tank and debris remain on the road in the pipe and clogging is easier.
  • If the waste or siphon some time we do not cleanse and we do not oppose the issue of inappropriate waste into the pipe, then even a good slope drain does not prevent clogging. If we siphon clean water still does not run away, pollution will be somewhere later in the pipeline. Most of the households are equipped with rubber Bell, which creates a vacuum and pressurized AC can help put the dirt into the movement and release them.
  • The next step, if this will not help a Bell, is the plumbing of the pen, or some stretching a powerful cleaning agent, such as sodium hydroxide. Instead of sodium hydroxide can also be used as an ecological variant of baking soda, pour the vinegar, let a second Act, and then mixes them with hot water.
  • If you have tried all of these methods and you can’t trim Your waste, or just want to spend time looking for how to resolve the blockage and then the next time the actual cleaning, please contact us. We have the experience and we do it like, we will advise you with Your waste!


Cleaning the waste in homes, shops and the premises

The craftsmen community Ferda have long experience and the cleaning of the waste is in most cases a matter of one hour. Clogged waste and subsequent purification of waste need not be a nightmare, leave it to us. Email us or call us and we’ll take care of everything.

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