Wooden construction for houses

The wooden construction of the pergolas

The wooden construction of the cabins

The wooden structure houses

The wooden structure houses

The production of the wooden roof construction

The production of the wooden structure of the shelter

Production of wooden beams

Production of wooden structures

Production of wooden railings



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Carpentry Prague


We offer carpentry, and specifically the construction of various wood structures from the houses, garden houses over to the garage shelters. Our craftsmen — carpenters engaged in all work with wood and willing to help you with anything you need.


What does carpentry work


Carpenter’s work can be divided into:

  • production of load-bearing structures of buildings, formwork, the roof and other rough construction works
  • installation of horizontal beams connected to the supporting structure under the floor or ceiling
  • the production of additional structures such as gazebos, pergolas, garden houses, log cabins, shelters, etc., whose construction is our craftsmen also deal with
  • the ship’s Carpenter. maintenance and repair of ships

Carpentry and construction of houses are one of the many services that we can offer you. We also make eg. carpentry, plumbing or roofing work.

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