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Construction of pergolas Prague

Is your dream of building a Pergola? Entrust this task to us. We can make you a Pergola exactly according to your ideas. Our experienced craftsmen will listen to you and the tasks you playfully.

How to build a Pergola

Pergola is garden construction cage type composed of wooden poles or beams. A suitable material for the production of pergolas on the other as well as the wooden construction is wood of conifers, the most suitable for pergolas is specifically from pine wood. It has a high content of resin and therefore resists water well. The ideal is for the construction of Pergolas to choose the pressure-impregnated material. However, the most common and cheapest wood suitable for building is spruce wood.

Appropriate is to choose a high-quality surface finish, because that greatly extends the service life of the Pergola.

If we want to extend the life of the chips as much as possible, then nezatloukáme the presser foot to the ground, but the left is about 10 cm above the ground, making it harder for them to have reached the morning moisture or wet grass.

Building a Pergola is not our only service in the field of timber houses. We also provide the construction of log cabins, summerhouses or construction the construction of the wooden terraces.

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