Building a log cabin from larch

Building a log cabin from the pine


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Building log cabin Prague

We will ensure the construction of the skeleton and complete construction of srubového cabin according to your wishes. Our experts on wooden buildings have many years of experience building log cabins, and therefore you can contact us with full confidence.

Building a log cabin is a structure, which is used by the entire tree trunks. Rustic design consists of beams, log walls, pillars and bushes. The truss and roof, as well as in brick buildings.

Building a log cabin in practice

Before the actual construction processes of the production plan, orders the needed quantity of the dimensions of the sample logs and slicers and imported timber is in the acceptance of checks and graded according to size.

The wood will get rid of the crust, grind and then antifungal aerosol inhalants and ligniperdous insects. The specified location is charged the exact floor plan and subsequently collected and just the individual tribes, in order to rozměřit and begun construction of a log cabin and could start. Gradually cut longitudinal double Groove strains in the shape of a letter W, and the walls are made up into each other.

The lower shell is formed up to the cabin ceiling beams.  To carve the rough walls of building openings for Windows and doors and they dies and ceiling beams. It further indicates the place where the wiring (switches, sockets, lights, TV, divorce, etc.). Subsequently, frézují and drilled passages for electrical wiring, including the holes for the installation box.

The individual connections, the following heat insulation. After the build log construction to the height of the beams follows the delivery of the roof of the binding. Truss is specially equipped with a log cabin construction and ends with a high diffusion sheet and kontralatěmi. Continues with the design of the shield and inserting the fitting of insulation. Building openings are cut to the exact degree, installs the sliding expansion system for installation of Windows and doors, and they cut with grooves for sliding connections of masonry partitions.

Log walls, including the ceiling beams, pillars and bushes are completely sanded until smooth and impregnated again. In the course of all the construction work is done by continuous cleaning, building a log cabin is passed to the customer, including complete technological documents.

Building a log cabin is not our only service in the field of timber houses. We also provide the construction of pergolas, garden houses, construction or construction of wooden terraces.


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