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Bathroom renovation Prague

We retired to you bathroom in your apartment or House of prefabricated building? Save your precious time and leave the reconstruction of our professionals. Copes with all the necessities that the bathroom renovation belongs.

How to proceed when the reconstruction of bathrooms

First, of course, is necessary for you to communicate us your idea for a new bathroom. Then we will prepare an offer including price budget. If you are satisfied with our offer, we can following the procedure of preparation of the reconstruction. Next, you need to agree the method of selection of materials such as wall tiles, floor tiles, a shower, a bath tub, wash basin, toilet, etc.). Possible is a common choice of the catalog or directly in our shop, Your own choice, when we only pass instruction, what goods and where we get it, or you can do it yourself with the purchase by us you will require only the work. Another option is to let the selection solely on us. However, we do not recommend this option.

Agreement term and other necessary formalities

Another necessity is needed the agreement the term of realization of the reconstruction of the bathroom. The following is the order of the specified item, and the drafting of the Treaty, in which they will be given all the elements, scope and quality of work guaranteed, fixed price, fixed term, negotiated the start and end of the work.

On your request we can also free to handle the 3D visualization of the bathroom, and then you can change to Your ultimate satisfaction.

If your room requires total reconstruction, then we can leave to reconstruct your apartment or flats. Are you missing in your bathroom, only a poultice or is only necessary to replace him? Please contact us and we will take care of the implementation of your new tiles.

You need only assemble and engage the shower or engage the washing machine? No problem. Call us and we will take care of it.

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