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Magazine Šifra
Časopis šifra

The magazine is a project of the journalist Milan Vidlák, dedicated to topics, which you will in the main media usually do not find.

Free internet radio

Svobodný vysílač

Free broadcaster-free Internet radio



Prostějovská pravda

Prostějovská pravda

Prostějovská pravda, uncensored …

Svobodné rádio

Svobodné rádio

Free radio for free people …




AE News (European American News) is an independent Internet news portal forthcoming Czech and Slovak compatriots living in the Netherlands, Russia and the USA. We bring information from alternative sources, to decipher the political events, misinformation and propaganda media and write about the impact and context. We write without censorship, without political correctness, without servile attitude towards the burning problems of the home and the world.


Czech Free Press

Czech free press

Czech Free Press – Czech independent news


Independent news from around the world, or whatever else you will not get


Sergej Chelemendik

Sergej Chelemendik

Sergei Chelemendik-Russian writer, analyst and former member of the National council of the Slovak Republic

Blog on


Literary creation




Ilona Šbvihlíková

Ilona Švihlíková

Doc. Ing. Ilona Švihlíková, Ph.d. –The Economist

Economic-political context, you will in the media rarely hear.

Doc. Ing. Ilona Švihlíková, Ph.d. (* 1977) graduated from the University of Economics in Prague (all), majoring in international trade and commercial languages. Thesis writing on the topic of „the position of Germany in the development of European economic integration“. Doctorate received in 2006 for her dissertation „political aspects of globalization“. It focuses on the issues of international economics, for example. on the effects of globalization, markets, primary commodities (especially oil), the structural characteristics of the countries and, in General, the connection between the economy and politics (mainly tax issues). In 2010 came out her first monograph, globalization and the crisis. In 2011, has completed the habilitation and received the title of associate professor.

Speaks English, German, Italian and partly in Russian. Widely published both at home and abroad (Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Poland, Austria, United Kingdom). In addition to the British leaves also regularly contributes to E15. It is also a „jaktovidičem“ on radio station number two. Occasionally appears in television (don’t).

Often publicly at conferences, public debates and seminars across the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

She loves the Hill, especially Pelhřimovsko. I like swimming, walks in the Woods, reads the analysis and statistics and thinking.

Wikipedia –

Personal profile and articles- art.html

Milan Valach

Milan Valach Přímá demokracie

Milan Valach-important representative of system of direct democracy in the Czech Republic. In 2001 he co-founded the Movement for direct democracy (HzPD) seeking to change the status of citizens of the Czech Republic, so that by the valid constitution they were the source of power in the state and enable them to make decisions accordingly.



Movement for direct democracy

Discussion on direct democracy YouTube

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