Align the edges of the painting

The alignment of the joints several paintings


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The alignment of the painting-the alignment of the inequalities and the uneven edges of the painting

When painting apartments, rooms or various areas, in particular, we do not have a flat surface and is the gross structure of the substrate, often happens, that although we cover tape, color „should get“ under this cover tape, and though we may not straight edge of the painting.

The alignment of the painting-how to prevent bent edges of the painting

If you do not want the painting after painting of laboriously align so that all edges, corners, lines and surfaces are perfectly flat, is required prior to surface treatment by painting cope in particular areas where you will use the masking tape, and where you want the Nice and clean the edge of the painting. There is no need to be alone in the vast area of the plane, it is rather about the grit/softness of the substrate, the substrate should be so soft that when gluing the cover tape colour hasn’t been able to zatéci under the tape. We guarantee the perfect edge.

Precisely You zarovnáme painting, Your painting is carried out is guaranteed to deliver many of the eye

If you are in a situation where Your painting needlessly count against jagged edges, or simply you want to for their spaces perfectly straight edges and shapes of painting, or you want to make your perfect service and your business reflect the look of the Interior, please email us or call, we take care of the perfect insight of painted walls. Believe that investments in retail design editing Your paintings shall be paid and your customers know it.

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